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Our jewels of African seduction

Discover all the African jewelry offered by our online store Perles d'Afrique.

From African craftsmanship, our costume jewelry is selected for their quality and their appeal.

These jewels are mainly imported from West Africa and respect fair trade.  

Body jewelry, necklaces, bracelets, sexy and naughty jewelry; we offer 4 categories of jewelry.

Body jewelry

(size string, bin bin, baya)

bijoux de corps, chaine de taille, bin bin, bayas


(men's and women's jewelry)

colliers, africain, bijou, ethnique, traditionnel


(men's and women's jewelry)

bracelets, bracelet, africain, perles, ethnique

Sexy jewelry

(naughty objects of pleasure)

Bijoux, coquin, érotique, séduire

Find out more about our African jewelry

Our shop "Perles d'Afrique", offers jewelry typically made for seduction.

These jewels come from African crafts.

All jewelry is assembled by hand.

Our online store offers bracelets, necklaces, as well as body jewelry called bayas.

The bayas are an African specificity.

Also called BinBin, bayas are size jewels that are worn like belly chains.

These sexy body jewelry attract the eyes of men and add a dose of spice to the life of the couple!

The Bin Bins beautify the woman and are the best sexy accessories to seduce her man!

Bijoux de corps, bijou, femme, séduction, sexy, chic

Perles d'Afrique jewelry is a very good quality product from African craftsmanship.

These costume jewelry are all imported from Africa and are made, by hand,

by African women whose know-how is passed on from mother to daughter.

Thus, Perles d'Afrique allows African women to work for the sake of fair trade.

At Perles d'Afrique, you will find a wide choice of jewelry:

necklaces, bracelets, Baya, sexy body jewelry, female lingerie and erotic accessories.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

If you are looking for other African seduction accessories, we invite you to return to our home page.

You will find, in addition to African seductive jewelry, our selection of sexy and sensual lingerie, incense (Thiouraye and Gawé) as well as all our advice to know how to seduce a man as practiced in Africa; where seduction is a real art and where we strive, on a daily basis, to break the routine of the couple and to win back a man.

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