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Bin bin (body jewelry)

Perles d'Afrique offers a wide choice of Bin bin also called baya, body chain or size pearls.

This page groups together all Bin bin models.

The Bin bin are the traditional bayas; as African women have worn them since the dawn of time.

These size pearls are sexy, refined and bring a great asset to the art of seduction.

We offer many models of African Bin bin through a wide range of shapes,

of colors, styles and for all sizes.

    Some call him Bin bin, others Baya. Whatever its name, waist jewelry is pearl chains for the hips

    that African women wear to seduce men and spice up their night of love.

    In addition to necklaces and bracelets, body jewelry is female lingerie accessories

    which hold the attention and arouse the appetite of men.

    The body chain is an essential accessory in the art of African women.

    This is why Perles d'Afrique offers a choice of

    There are several types of bin bin: waist chains, bayas, waist beads.

    Bijoux de taille, bin bin, bayas, hanches
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