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Multicolored body jewel

Perles d'Afrique offers you a wide choice to find your ideal multicolored body jewelry.

Below, discover in particular the bin bin;

these famous body jewelry that African women wear to seduce their man.

So, you too, succumb to the charm of these colorful cut beads.

To offer or to treat yourself for Valentine's Day and all naughty occasions.

For ultra fast delivery, our shipments are made within 24 hours.

Among all the African jewelry offered by Perles d'Afrique,

our online store offers you a whole collection of multicolored body jewelry.

These seductive accessories come in a multitude of different color combinations.

Depending on how the beads are assembled, the choice is endless.

Some of these multi-colored body jewelry is a mix of brightly colored pearls, others are very contrasting colors

or in pastel colors for example.

Among these multicolored body jewels, we find the famous bin bin; famous size jewel at the same time chic, sexy and seductive.

The bin bin is a size jewel traditionally worn by African women; particularly by Senegalese women

who like to wear a multicolored bin bin.

Indeed, African women are particularly known for wearing colorful clothes and jewelry.

Dresses, scarves, necklaces or bracelets; African woman loves to adorn herself with bright clothes and multicolored jewelry

to catch the eye of men and make themselves always more beautiful.

It is through these size jewels, with a thousand colors, that the African cultural richness is expressed.

This tradition has also become a fashion among Western women who now love to wear these colorful fashion accessories.

This is how the multicolored bin bin, body jewel par excellence,

meets a great success among all the African ethnic jewelry sold in France.

Thanks to the mounting of the beads on elastic, the color combinations are endless for this charming jewel;

endless colorful models to satisfy all women.

For bin bin colors, there is no rule! The color of the pearls is very variable.

Each woman chooses her model of multicolored body jewelry;

according to their own tastes and taking into account, if possible, the favorite colors of their man.

The bin bin being considered a very effective seduction accessory to seduce men in Africa,

the choice of pearl color is important.

Depending on the season, the mood and the weather, the femme fatale does not hesitate to garnish her jewelry collection with several different models.

Indeed, nothing more chic than a woman who wears a multicolored body jewel in the colors of autumn after summer.

or a bin bin in the colors of flowers in spring!

Made of seed beads or crystal bead, strung on a strong elastic,

Perles d'Afrique thus offers a wide range of multicolored body jewelry.

These size jewelry are intended for African women as well as European women. in the pure Senegalese tradition

bijou de corps, multicolore
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