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Body chains

Fall for our selection of body chains; fashionable body jewelry for the pleasure of women and men!

Discover the wide choice of our body chains: pearl body chains, golden body chains,

silver body chains, very sensual body chains and intimate jewelry.

The body chain is the very trendy erotic accessory to spice up an original naughty evening,

a very hot erotic evening or for a romantic evening by candlelight.

Order today and get shipping within 24 hours for express delivery.

Body chains are accessories for female lingerie.

It is body jewelry that beautifies and makes the woman and sexy and sensual.

Very trendy, waist chains have become flagship accessories in women's lingerie.

These jewels stand out for their originality and can be used as an object of seduction but also as a fashion accessory.

In addition to the wax known in African fashion, lingerie is also developed with very erotic and very naughty accessories:

bin bin, bayas, the small loincloth or bethio, body chains, waist beads, waist chains.

African women have undeniable flirtatious and seductive talents.

They have created an array of underwear and intimate jewelry in lingerie fashion.

Very appreciated by African women, the size chains of Perles d'Afrique are unmatched by other lingerie accessories.

In addition to this, you need to know more about it.

These chains of seduction can be worn as intimate jewelry or as fashion and dance accessories.

Made up of chains, pearls and handcrafted, Perles d'Afrique body chains have changed authentic lingerie

and bring a new line of feminine lingerie.

They stand out for their originality, their composition in the very closed circle of lingerie.

Body chains have become fashionable sexy accessories today and are an integral part in the art of female seduction.

chaine de corps, bijou de corps
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