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African incense (thirouaye)

Perles d'Afrique offers traditional artisanal incense: Thiouraye.

We attribute to this incense scents with relaxing, exciting, captivating and aphrodisiac powers.

Thiouraye is the ideal incense to exalt romantic desires and create an atmosphere conducive to scorching nights.

This magical blend of scented oils and natural components releases, with this incense,

an erotic fragrance that awakens the senses and the libido.

The “Thiouraye” or Senegalese incense is a key element in the Senegalese cultural heritage.

It is a traditional African incense used to embalm rooms and perfume clothes.

It is made from a mixture of fragrant herbs, wood chips, wood incense, resin, seeds, soaked in scented essential oils and certain raw materials such as sandalwood, amber, oud, musk and others.

In Senegalese culture, incense commonly "Thiouraye" is one of the spices to enhance the intimacy of the couple.

It is part of the techniques of seduction of women and it is very popular with men.

There are several varieties of Thiouraye but each incense is unique because there is no standard recipe.

Each woman concocts and creates her own composition in search of the most captivating and sensual "Thiouraye".

Perles d'Afrique selects the best sensual scents and aromas for the development of its Thiouraye.

Thiouraye in Africa, and more particularly in Senegal, is an art of living; a fatal weapon of seduction.

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