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African bracelets

Discover the whole range of African bracelets, for men and women, from Perles d'Afrique.

With their natural pearls and ethnic details, the Perles d'Afrique bracelets allow you to stand out.

Worn alone or as a set of bracelets, these ethnic jewels bring a chic touch to your

evening, city, party or everyday wear.

These sublime bracelets, with their original touch, are handcrafted in wooden beads, cowrie shells, natural stones,

in rockery stone; fancy bracelets at low prices for all styles.

At Perles d'Afrique, you will discover all these pretty handmade bracelets, created by African artisans;

bracelets for men and women that offer an exotic and chic look to brighten up your outfit.

Bracelets just like other jewelry (earrings, necklaces, etc.)

have existed for a long time in Africa and are used to bring good luck or to dispel curses.

Today the bracelet has become a trendy jewel, a fashion accessory.

These are adornments that can be made from metal, fabric, leather, beads.

Ethnic bracelets, most often made by hand, are appreciated for their richness and value.

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