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African necklaces

Come and discover, at Perles d'Afrique, the beautiful African necklaces to perfect all possible outfits.

To be fashionable, follow the African trend or be classic,

our shop offers you a whole collection of quality African necklaces.

At work, with friends, for an evening or a Valentine's Day gift idea;

the ethnic necklace, of African craftsmanship, is made for all occasions.

    In Africa, artisans have a talent for the inventiveness of necklaces while respecting cultural heritage.

    This is why there is a wide choice of different jewelry from one country to another or from one tribe to another within the same country.

    These are, for the most part, original creations made from artisanal pearls,

    old glass beads or simply with recycled materials.

    African necklaces are handcrafted adornments with a history, meaning and strong values.

    These jewels are most often distinguished by their spectacular large size and colorful bright colors.

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