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Discover the entire collection of African Pearls jewelry from African crafts.

These jewelry, handmade, are products that come directly from African creative artisans;

mainly women; whose only sources of income depend on this profession.

Perles d'Afrique jewelry is ethnic, quality and original jewelry.

Perles d'Afrique presents its African artisanal jewelry;

a collection of African-inspired, exotic, original and ethnic jewelry:

necklaces, bracelets, bin bins, sexy lingerie.

These are handmade adornments made of seed beads, plastic, crystal beads,

cowrie shells, glass beads, natural pearls.

These jewels, whose aesthetic values are recognized around the world, are among the essential accessories.

in tradition and seduction in Africa.

This diversity of jewelry represents history, culture, wealth, charm, art of living and

the art of seduction on the African continent.

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