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African sexy loincloths

Perles d'Afrique reveals all the accessories and artifices of seduction of the black African woman

to please and bewitch men, including the irresistible Petit Pagne called "Béthio".

The Petit Pagne, once worn as an underwear, has become a naughty accessory

and reserved for intimacy, seduction and eroticism in Africa.

In Senegal, this short and sexy loincloth called "Béthio" worn with bin bins or baya around the hips

is an essential accessory in the seductive lingerie of the woman.

It is made with a piece of fabric that hides the penis and the buttocks;

an openwork fabric, frayed by hand and almost transparent, extends along the thighs (sometimes up to the ankles).

This fine lingerie is also made with knitted threads embellished with pearls.

This revisited and modernized Petit Pagne, which leaves a little room for the imagination, also highlights the female body.

in some dances with evocative swaying hips.

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